Sunday, 1 December 2013

How To Get Studded Nails!

I'm by no means the best at nail art...a combination of me being clumsy and also impatient usually renders my nails smudged and messy.
However you can still try, right? :)

I spotted these 17 Deconstructed Nail Studs on sale in Boots and from the moment I saw them I knew I couldn't leave without them!
I love the packaging too!
These studs are pretty tiny to be careful not to knock the little pot over!
First I applied a clear base coat to my nails to stop them staining.
I put on one coat of a dark charcoal colour with slight shimmer. You could either use grey or black which would both look great with these studs so its up to you! The colour I used as from the Nail Parade collection from The Colour Workshop that I got ages ago.
When you put on the second coat of polish, apply the nail studs whilst the polish is still wet. I've found the best way to do this is to press them into your finger and then lightly dab the nail to apply them. If they need moving slightly or pressing in further then you can use tweezers or a cuticle stick.

Finally, add a clear coloured coat of nail polish over the top to seal the studs and help them last longer on your nails!
I'm SUPER happy with the finished looks so edgy and cool and I absolutely love it. I will definitely be using these all the time in the future!
The nails studs from 17 are about £4 and in my opinion worth every penny - they did a great job with these!
What do you think of studded nails? Let me know in the comments below!
Thanks for reading!
Libby x

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