Saturday, 14 December 2013

*REVIEW* NYX Blush in Natural


Quite a while ago I made a purchase from the NYX website ( and I only just realised that I never actually reviewed this item! If you'd like to see that haul you can view it HERE and as far as I can tell I think I've done reviews for all the other items I purchased. :)
This costs £6 from the website and they have 25 shades!
 I chose the shade Natural because having blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin its harder for me to get away with strong blush colours and so I generally tend to stick to a rather muted blush look if at all.
The shade is a light baby pink with a slight bit of shimmer in it - it's looking a lot brighter in the photo than in real life!
The packaging is also nice and sturdy and the shape makes it easy when it comes to saving space in your makeup collection. :)
Here's a swatch:
Obviously I wouldn't apply the blush this heavily! :P
Generally I think this is a really pretty colour especially for those with fair skin.
As you can see its very well pigmented but not so pigmented that it makes it difficult to wear...I personally don't like hyper-pigmented blushes as I'd never wear colour on my cheeks that strongly!
I usually just tap my brush into this and then tap off the excess and apply it. The colour this way is very buildable and it's hard to over apply.
I'm really happy with this blush -especially for the price! I've been reaching for it quite often recently and it gives a lovely flushed appearance to the cheeks.
Thanks for reading!
Have you tried the NYX blushes yet?
Libby x

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