Friday, 4 October 2013

Small Beauty Haul!

Today I just wanted to show you a few things I picked up actually a while ago..I just forgot to post about them and the photo for it just sat in the depths of my laptop files.
I got the Boots Essential Nail Polish Remover because it's only £1 and it works well! I don't notice any difference at all when I use anything more expensive and so I just get this one now. :)
I also just picked up some plain black hairbands from Boots too...all my hairbands have mysteriously disappeared recently. I suspect my cat.
I got 3 nail polishes from Miss Sporty...I will show these in more detail soon! Annoyingly they didn't put the proper full names on the bottles, only on the display (it annoys me to NO END when companies do that...WHY do they deliberately make it difficult to know which shade you have? How hard is it to put the name on the bottle...ok rant over. ).
The dark blue shade is 510 I think, the light teal colour is 060 and the gorgeous duo chrome purple is 040.
I ran out of my usual Aussie Luscious Long Spray Leave in Conditioner which I always use to detangle and condition my hair after washing so I decided to try the Miracle Recharger one instead which promises to make hair shinier. I have noticed that I think it actually has been working!
My hair has been damaged recently and I think that the hairbrush I was using to brush my hair whilst it was still damp was causing some of that damage so I decided to try a wide toothed comb instead which was recommended for brushing out hair with minimal damage.
This Mark Hill one was only £4 and it works really well! Really impressed with it so far.
Anyway that's it! I'll probably show the nail polishes in posts soon!
Thanks so much for reading - I really appreciate it! :)
Libby x

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