Friday, 22 February 2013

My Top 3 Eye Brushes! :)

Hello :)

Today I decided to do a post based on my favourite I'm doing eye brushes, but at some point I'll do face brushes too! :)

I'll go through them in for you! These aren't in any order :)

1) Urban Decay Good Karma Shadow Brush

This is the most expensive of all my $26 and £14.50 in the UK....luckily I got mine the the Naked palette! :) I think these are still sold with the Naked palette now as well.
Basically this is a very firm, stiff brush which is SO good for packing on colour. Because it's stiff, you have very precise control over where your eyeshadow goes, and and the brush just keeps its shape so well!
I love the way it feels so good quality and its totally vegan! The handle is metal and looks really pretty too!
While this is a VERY expensive brush...I'm so glad I got it in the Naked palette so I didn't have to try and justify it to myself buying it for that price! This is the most expensive brush I have in my collection (I don't have any MAC brushes) but I really love it!
I also love that the bristles stay the same colour even after using some bright colours so it hasn't stained yet :)

2) Cosmopolitan Smokey Eyes Base Brush

I bought this a while ago in a Smokey Eyes Brush Kit, and I seem to remember it was around £7. The set included a smudge brush (which I never really use as it tugs on my lids a bit too much), an angled liner brush (which is really precise and I use a lot) and this brush.
Compared to the Urban Decay brush this has much softer bristles, and I trust it a lot more near my tear duct! It's nice and soft but is somehow still great for getting colour on the lids.
I love this mainly for its multifunctional nature! I can use is as a base brush for packing on colour, a blending brush, or even if I turn it on it's side it works great in the crease of the eye. It gets colour in the crease and is really precise, but then you can use it for blending into the crease as well...
This brush is always sitting in my "to-wash" brush pile because I use it so much, and being a lot cheaper than the UD brush I feel I could justify buying a backup.... :P
3) Fraulein 38 Pencil Brush

I bought this as part of a 32 piece brush set from Fraulein a while back...I believe it was around the £20 mark and from somewhere like Amazon...
The brush set has loads of brushes that I use on a daily basis, but this is definitely one of the ones I love the most!
Like the cosmopolitan brush this is very soft, and so I don't feel worried about using it near my eye. I have a bit of a fixation with these type of pencil/crease brushes...This one is perfect for either laying colour into the crease, or just blending out the crease. I love the way it makes it so effortless to create a blended out crease with this brush, and I can use it buff out the shadow, creating a really pretty smokey effect. This doesn't stay clean for long after I wash it because I'm always so keen to use it!

There you go, there are my favourite eye brushes! I will soon do my favourite face brushes too :)
What are yours?  Let me know in the comments below :)

Thanks for reading!
Libby x

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