Tuesday, 19 February 2013

My top 3 High Coverage Concealers!

Good evening :)
I decided to do a blog post based on something that I have always found difficult - finding concealers that actually have HIGH coverage!
I've compiled a list of 3 concealers in my collection that I feel have the best coverage.
Having inherited bad undereye circles and having acne scars I LOVE how much of a difference concealer makes.
These concealers aren't in any order but are just the ones that I feel have good coverage and can be used for different things.
1) Hard Candy Glamoflage Heavy Duty Concealer
This is probably the hardest to find if you're in the UK...I found mine online and paid around £6 for it, and I'm glad I did now!
The formula is VERY thick but still creamy. I use this for undereye circles and it really helps. One thing I'm not too keen on is that there are only 3 colours, and the shade I have ("Light") is a bit too pale for me, meaning in the summer I have to balance that out with something slightly darker.
The coverage is amazng though, and you can use this to cover up tattoos if you add plently to layers and then add powder. Obviously you can't pile on the layers that much if you're using it for your undereye area as it will cake up a lot but it still covers well with one layer.
With one layer this doesn't cake/crease too badly,  but creasing is inevitable with your undereye area.
I haven't used this to cover up spots as it's too light, but I imagine you could use it for that as long as you blend it well as it's very thick!

2)  MAC Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer in NW20
The previous concealer was one that I use daily for undereye circles, and this is one that I use daily to cover up any blemishes! This is a very high coverage concealer and you can also build this up. I feel it's best to use your finger with this to warm it up and that helps it blend into the skin, but you can use a brush. I use this for blemishes mainly but as I also have a lot of darness in the very inner corner of my eyes near the bridge of my nose, I also use this on a small brush to brighten up my inner corner. This will definitely cake if you use it for your undereyes, but it still works well for blemishes. I feel so much better getting up in the morning knowing I can cover up any blemishes I have! This was around £14 for me off the Debenhams website and is $18 in the US. Quite expensive but you get 7g.
3)  MAC Select Cover Up Concealer in NW20
 I bought this for £14 off the Debenhams website after speaking to a MAC makeup artist who recommended it for my undereye circles The formula is pretty thin and it is expensive as it comes in a tiny tube, but I have had it and used it for a while and I haven't run out yet. The coverage is the best for a liquid concealer, I just wish there was more in the tube!I use this with a sponge to cover up dark circles and it is slightly dark for my skintone but only by a tiny bit, so I often apply a highlighting concealer over the top. The thin formula means that it doesn't cake up badly under my eyes and it gives great coverage.

So thats it for my favourite high coverage concealers, I'm already looking for new ones as I adore concealers! Sorry for having 2 MAC concealers as they are expensive, but they are worth it, and I have tried SO MANY concealers!

Thanks for reading!
Libby x

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