Tuesday, 19 February 2013

*REVIEW* - Too Faced Natural At Night Palette

Hello again :)
Today I've decided to review a palette that I've had a really good chance to experiment with over a few weeks...the Natural At Night palette from Too Faced.
There are a load of other palettes from Too Faced with other themes (Natural, Romantic, Matte, Naked to name a few) but this is the only one I have.
In this palette you get 9 eyeshadows: 3 large eyeshadows (2g each) and then 6 smaller ones (0.9g each)
On the back of the palette there is information about the palette but not the ingredients.
You can find this in Boots or online at www.toofaced.com
I imagine in the US you can get Too Faced products at places like sephora :)
It is listed on the website as being $36 in the US and £28 in the UK. This does seem like quite a lot but there are quite a few eyeshadows in the palette there are some larger shadows too.
The packaging for this palette feels pretty sturdy and is made of that strong cardboard, even so I wouldn't risk getting it wet or bashing it about too much in case the eyeshadows break. I would trust this for travel though as it is quite strong.
A nice touch that comes with this palette are 3 instruction cards corresponding to the "sets" of eyeshadows, Night, Classic and Fashion. These could be quite useful if you didn't know which eyeshadows to pair together but I tend not to use them too much. I also like that there is no space wasted in this palette with a tiny brush, but there is no mirror.
From top to bottom: Full Moon, Nightcap, Cocoa Star, Night Light, After Hours, Eclipse, Spotlight, Moon Stone, Night Fever.
From top: Full Moon, Nightcap, Cocoa Star, Night Light.

Full Moon:
A shimmery gold colour with some glitter, this can be quite easily compared to Urban Decay's Half Baked from the Naked palette. The texture does have some fallout but is generally very pigmented.
Mid-light brown with some sparkle, but not nearly as much shimmer as Full Moon. Soft texture and blends out well.
Cocoa Star:
 Deep, matte brown. Very good texture for a matte, creamy and easily blended. One of my favourite colours, works great in the crease.
Night Light:
 Definitely my least favourite colour in the palette. Champagne colour with FAR TOO MUCH glitter. Very chunky and has a lot of fallout. The swatch above is even after I've done my best to get rid of the glitter. Very hard to use as it falls off easily. Colour comparable to Urban Decay's Sin but has chunky glitter similer to UD's Uzi.
From top: After Hours, Eclipse, Spotlight, Moon Stone, Night Fever.
After Hours:
One of my most used colours from this palette. Light taupe/brown with a lot of sparkle, but not nearly as much fallout as Night Light. Could be comparable to UD's Sidecar.
Plum colour with shimmer but no sparkle. Good pigmentation and blends well, similar to UD's Last Call but with more brown tones.
 Matte cream colour, again like Cocoa Star very creamy for a matte shade. Unfortunately this isn't light enough to be a highlight for me (I have fair skin) so you may need to combine this palette with another shadow to get a highlight. Works well in crease.
Moon Stone:
Yellow/brown with shimmer. Good pigmentation and interesting colour that makes the palette slightly more unique.
Night Fever:
Dark brown base with green tones and gold sparkles. One of the most unique colours in the palette. Works well in the crease but does have a lot of fallout, though it isn't as chunky glitter as Night Light.
Generally I like this palette and have probably used it around 10 times since I got it (around Christmas) and I like the shadows. There are a few interesting colours in this palette and I like all of them (except for Night Light, far too chunky to be of any use, bit of a waste of one of the bigger eyeshadow pans) and you can create a lot of combinations with this palette. You can create quite a natural look with some of the lighter shades but also build it up to a more intense, dramatic look.
I do wish one of the other shades was in a bigger pan rather than nightlight, as this does seem a waste. Also something I've noticed is that all the shades kick up a bit of shadow, and could cause fallout, so I'd recommend holding a tissue underneath your eye to catch fallout.
The only other issue I have is that there isn't a highlight colour for me, as Spotlight is too much of a cream shade and isn't light enough to be a highlight.
Despite that, there are some really nice shades in here, (my favourites are Cocoa Star, After Hours and Eclipse) and is very useful for everyday looks that you can make more dramatic.
Would I buy again? Yes, I will probably end up buying more of these sets, maybe with my Boots advantage card points when I get enough! :)
Thanks for reading, I hope this review was useful to you!
Libby x


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