Friday, 3 May 2013

NOTD: Blue & Gold Glitter (03/05/2013)

*This is a scheduled post as for the next few weeks I will be busy with exams*

Hi :)
I have another NOTD for you and this time I decided to embrace my inner love for all things glittery. :)

 As the basis for this nail look I used a Colour Workshop Nail Polish that was from the Nail Parade set, and I think this shade was called Gunmetal originally but it doesn't say anywhere on it! Any charcoal grey/black with shimmer would work well :)


On top of that I added this amazing nail polish from Accessorize...this is a 3D Glitter Polish in the colour Dream.
I absolutely love this colour as its got bright blue and occasionally purple sparkles in it...they are suspended in a clear polish so whilst you can wear it on it's own I feel that it works best over another colour :)
On my accent nail I decided to go for a bright golden glitter colour...this is the Collection 2000 Hot Looks Fast Dry Nail Polish in 52 Shimmy Shake.
I ADORE Collection 2000 nail polishes...

This polish is pretty amazing and you don't even have to layer it over anything else!
And here is the finished result!
I actually added a top coat onto this after I took the pictures as I felt that the Accessorize polish dried a little dull and whilst it was still very pretty I wanted a little more shine :)
 I love the way the black peeps through underneath the blue and I absolutely love the colour combination of blue and gold together...
I hope you enjoyed my Nail Of The Day! Thank you very much for reading :)
Libby x

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