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5 Different Looks With The UD Naked Palette!

When the Naked palette came out from Urban Decay, I told myself I wasn't going to buy it. I told myself it was too expensive just for eye shadows. I did manage to hold off buying it for a long time until I found myself reading reviews and seeing swatches and...well...I caved.
And I'm very glad I did!
Now I have my palette (along with a large percentage of the population) I decided that I had to promise to myself to get good use out of it, something that I feel I have achieved!
Although I am aware that it can be a little tricky working out really different looks that can be created using this, so I thought I'd compile a little list of 5 different looks to hopefully inspire some people!
Look how pretty! :)
Here's a really quick run down of the colours for reference:
Virgin: Soft, satin finished cream
Sin: Shimmery champagne
Naked: Matte light/mid brown
Sidecar: Cool toned light brown with shimmer & some small glitter
Buck: Matte mid brown
Half Baked: Shimmery, intense gold
Smog: Shimmery deep bronze
Darkhorse: Darker brown colour with some gold flecks
Toasted: Dusty pink/rose wit some shimmer
Hustle: Cool taupe colour with some shimmer & hints of purple
Creep: Black base colour with gold sparkle
Gunmetal: Blue toned deep silver
Just thought I'd quickly mention a couple of my favourite shades: Virgin is my favourite highlight colour ever and the only shade here I've hit pan on. Half Baked is simply beautiful. Smog works great with my blue eyes. Sin makes a pretty, simple light everyday look.
Ok, onto the looks!
Look 1: Soft & Smudged
For this look after putting on a primer and NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in milk on my very inner corner (I have a lot of darkness & veins around my eyes) I used the colour Sin on the inner half of my lid and Toasted on the outer half.
I lined my top lash line with the Urban Decay 247 liner in Zero and topped that with the shadow Creep.
I took a pencil brush and blended this out until it looked really soft and smudged.
I blended Virgin under the brow bone and inner corner and finally as a finishing touch I added a tiny bit of the colour Half Baked on the lower lash line, just near the inner corner for just a pop of gold :)
Look 2: Sultry & Smoked

For this one I wanted to make the look a little more smokey!
I primed my lids and added the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk again to the inner corner.
I then used Sidecar on the inner half of the lid and then Creep to the outer half of the lid and then blended it to make it smokier.
This time when I did this, I blended out the Creep shade quite a lot but you could easily pack more onto the lid for a really intense look to make it darker!
I also smudged a bit of Sin just on the inner half but on the lower lashline.
I blended Virgin as my highlight on the inner corner and below the brow bone.
Then I used the UD 24/7 liner in Zero on the bottom water line and added mascara!
Look 3: Beautiful & Bronzed
It is SO hard to get these colours to show up as vibrant on camera as they are in real life.
This is one of my favourite looks to do with this palette...Definitely one of my go-to looks!
I really love doing bronze/gold smokey eyes!
I primed my lids...added NYX pencil...etc. See above for details ;)
I used the colour Sin just on the very inner third but then used Half Baked for most of the middle third of the lid, blending into the Sin shade.
I then packed the colour Smog on the outer half of the lid....I think this colour works really well with the blue in my eyes!
I then added a small amount of Darkhorse to the crease and blended this out.
I once again used Virgin as a highlight.
I lined my bottom lash line with the 24/7 liner in Zero and then also decided to add some winged liner for something a little different. I used the Soap & Glory Super Cat liquid liner and then finished with mascara!
Look 4: Dark & Dramatic

For this look I wanted to create something quite dramatic!
After priming etc I first applied Gunmetal all over the lid and then used the 24/7 liner in zero to create the shape around the outer v, sort of like a cat eye shape. I then filled this in with the liner and then topped it with the Creep shadow.
I blended out the crease a lot to make it smoked and then used the colour Sin on the very inner corner and on the inner corner of the lower lash line.
I lined my waterline with the 24/7 liner and used Virgin as a highlight.
And then I finished with mascara!
I think it's really useful how even though most of the colours in the palette are neutral you can still create something really dramatic and smokey!
Look 5: Simple & Safe

I decided to include this look because it just emphasises what this palette is great at, just producing really simple and safe looks that still look pretty.
For this look after priming I used Sin all over the lid, but in all honesty you could use most of the shades in the palette all over the lid. Some of my favourites for a one shadow look are Sin, Sidecar, Virgin, Toasted and Hustle.
I then just used Virgin as a highlight and added mascara!
I think this palette makes doing these looks so easy and this look is great for when you only have about 5 minutes to do your makeup! :)
Wow. That's a long post!
I realise that there are 2 shades that I neglect in this palette, Naked and Buck. I think this is just because they are not shades that I would normally use. They are matte for a start (I'm such a sucker for shimmery shadows) and also being very fair skinned they are too dark for me to use as a blending colour. Because of this, they don't get used a lot and so weren't really used much in my looks here either. However every single other shade of this palette I DO get good use out of! :)

I hope some people found this useful, it definitely took a while together but I do think that this is a versatile palette and because I've gotten so much use out of it I think it's worth the price.
I think generally it's one of those palettes that I reach for when I'm being lazy because you can just pick out a random combination of shadows and it will pretty much always turn into a pretty look.
One that I just remembered that I love doing is having Smog all over the lid and Creep in the crease, these two blend so beautifully together!
So even though the shadows are all neutral (ish) you can still create quite a lot of different looks!
Thanks for reading!
Libby x

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