Monday, 2 September 2013

*REVIEW* Barry M Dazzle Dusts (+ Swatches!)

I have a review that really should've been up ages ago considering how much I use these pigments. I spent some time today photographing and swatching these amazing Dazzle Dusts from Barry M to show you! 
These pretty little jars cost £4.59 each
I'll quickly show you each pigment with it's name and then I'll do swatches!
Each pigment has a number and a name...I've tried to find the names for each of them but they don't print them on the jar so I couldn't find the names for every single one.
96 Gold
85 Neon Pink
84 Cherry Red
94 Teal
22 Bright Blue
8 Silver Iridescent
35 ?
(Not sure of the name of this one. Unfortunately I think this is discontinued but you may be still able to get it if you hunt for it)
90 Pearly Mauve
90 Silvery Black
Now for some swatches!
These are swatched over the NYX Eyeshadow Base in White as I feel that these need a sticky base to cling to so that you can really see them at their best.
These are swatched in the same order as above.
Top to bottom: 96, 85, 84, 94, 22
Top to bottom: 8, 35, 90, 91
For some reason because of the way the light is hitting it, the shade 90 is showing up a lot more blue than it does normally. It does have those blue tones, but generally shows up more purple.
These are said to be pretty multifunctional and on the website it says that you can use these for eyes, lips or cheeks.
You can mix these with a clear lip gloss or a clear nail polish to get more use out of them too!
I have to say I only ever use these for my eyes...but having said that for my art project I think I'll end up doing some crazy makeup looks for that so who knows? These would be really useful for doing some really bright, over the top looks and maybe I should try an electric blue lip now and then! :)
I love the high colour intensity of all these pigments and there isn't on that I feel doesn't quite match up pigmentation-wise.
 I think my favourites are the gold (96), bright red (84) and the teal (94) as I feel that these are the ones I get most use out of, but I honestly use all of these! I also love the little jars because in a draw they don't take up much space and you can stack them if you run out of space.
 I definitely think I'll be expanding my Dazzle Dust collection...for such a low price and such great pigmentation you can go wrong!
Have you tried the Dazzle Dusts yet?
Thanks for reading!
Libby x

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