Monday, 30 September 2013

Beauty Empties #6

I have yet another empties post for you today...these are actually empties from a little while ago but the photo just sat on my laptop for a little while until I remembered it was there!
Sorry for the very fuzzy image. Unfortunately I've now gotten rid of the actual bottles so I couldn't take the picture again...
1) Boots Essentials Nail Polish Remover
As you can probably tell I don't bother spending lots of money on nail varnish remover as I tend to go through it quickly and to be honest I don't notice a difference when I use a more expensive one.
This costs just £1 and works great..if it ain't broke don't fix it! :)
2) Boots Cucumber Moisturiser
I got this aaggees ago and finally used it up.
I've found that as a face moisturiser it can tend to make my skin look a little greasy even though it did moisturise...I didn't actually use this on my face for very long and I preferred to use it as a body moisturiser, for example to just use on my arms and legs in the winter
As a moisturiser this worked really well and was cheap, but I just prefer something a little less greasy for a face moisturiser.
3) Garnier Pure Active Anti-Blackhead Deep Pore Wash
I've done a review of this HERE if you fancy a read...
Basically this was a little drying and left little beads actually on my skin even after washing it off.
I probably wouldn't buy this again.
4) Garnier Simply Essential Ultra-Cleansing Wipes
I got three of these packets on offer a few weeks ago and they work well!
They can be a little drying but they basically work well so I'd happily buy them again.
5) Soap & Glory Supercat Liquid Eyeliner
This is the first and only makeup product I got from Soap & glory and I was impressed!
The felt tip applicator made this so easy to use and it became an everyday staple for me.
It also seemed to last ages and ages for me too which was good.
The only thing I don't like about this is it has a slightly strange smell to it which is quite strong...I think I would buy this again but I'd rather look around and see if I can find something similar that doesn't have the same smell...
6) Organix Penetrating Moroccan Argan Oil
I've done a review of this HERE.
Basically this stuff is like liquid gold and it gives an amazing shine to your hair.
I'm already working through my second bottle of this...and it's only £7!
7) Aussie Luscious Long Leave In Conditioner
This stuff smells DIVINE.
I love to spray some sort of leave in conditioner in my hair after showering as I feel that it detangles my hair well...I really liked this but it has a very weird spray which means that it doesn't distribute too well...
I may get this again just for the amazing smell.
8) The Natural Collection Pressed Powder in Sheer
I got this on a whim as I wanted to see how such a budget product would work..I was pleasantly surprised!
This became a powder that I reached for every morning just to take away any shine on my t-zone.
I'd happily buy this again and it's only about £2!
So those are all my empties...thank you for reading!
Libby x

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