Thursday, 21 March 2013

NOTD: Galaxy (21/03/2013)

Hi! :) I have a Nail Of The Day for you this afternoon...
I was playing around with my nail polishes the other weekend and came up with this combination, which I really love!
I used two nail polishes:
The one on the left is the Models Own nail polish in Ibiza Mix ( a super glittery polish!) and the one on the left is one a friend gave me a while ago...the Paul & Joe Nail enamel in 005 which is a faded black/very dark grey colour with some sparkle in it.
First I applied one coat (two on certain nails where I didn't have enough the first time) of the Paul & Joe Nail enamel....
I just LOVE the bottle of's so pretty it deserved it's own photo...

Please excuse the dodgy painting job...Got a cold today and not feeling up to spending hours doing my nails perfectly! :)
I then layered the Models Own nail polish on top...
I LOVE the way this turns out...this polish is a PAIN to get off again, but it looks so pretty!
 I love the Paul & Joe polish on it's own..but I'm definitely a fan of bright/interesting nails and I think the chunks of glitter look so pretty! It kind of reminds me of a galaxy with loads of stars in it... :)
The Models Own polish does smell quite a bit...but because of how pretty it looks I can forgive it!
I tried to get a good photos to show what the combination really looks like but the lighting is so bad today! It's really rainy and cold :(
Hope you liked my NOTD! :) It says a lot that I've gone back and redone this nail look, I get bored of nail polishes quite easily!

Thanks for reading!
Libby x

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