Friday, 8 March 2013

*REVIEW* - Accessorize Primer

Hello :)
I have another review for you today...this time it's a primer I've had for a little while, the primer from Accessorize.
This simply says "primer" although due to the size I'd assume it was a face primer (it says it "primes the skin for makeup application") however in emergencies I have used it as an eye primer and it has helped the colour and durability of my shadows somewhat, so it may be useful to note that. I wouldn't chose to use it over my other eye primers but it does do the basic job.
Accessorize products are available from certain Superdrug stores (usually the bigger ones) and this primer was around £9 which did feel a little expensive, especially since the packaging of the primer seems to be largely filled with air. You supposedly get 30ml of primer in this product, but I'm pretty sure I didn't get that amount.
This primer is simply a clear gel, this doesn't have silicone in it so it doesn't disappear and blend into the skin as nicely as I find silicone primers do, but some prefer that. It's definitely a gel, but I find it tends to sit on the skin and feel a bit greasy. Other silicone primers I have almost vanish into the skin leaving it soft, and while this does make my skin quite soft, it feels like it leaves residue and feels slightly greasy. This does nothing to alter the colour of your skin as it's colourless.
I haven't noticed that this increases the durability of my foundation much, though I think it does help smooth out your skin a bit, making foundation blend slightly better, but not last longer.
This doesn't do anything amazing to help the way my foundation wears during the day.
As I mentioned earlier this did slightly improve the pigmentation and wearability of eyeshadows when I have used it as an eye primer.
I love the packaging of all the Accessorize products, it's always really pretty and has butterflies on it! :) aspect of the packaging is what I hate the most about this product.
The opening of the tube of this is ridiculously big for the size it needs to be. This causes the primer to leak out often and makes a huge mess all over the place, as well as wasting primer that isn't very cheap. It's nearly impossible to get out any primer without squeezing out half the tube. It really annoys me as it wastes so much of the product and makes a huge mess.
Just to show you an example of a different primer that in my opinion has MUCH better packaging, here is the 17 Photo Flawless Face Primer which DOESN'T make a huge mess all over the place...

 So although the Accessorize packaging is pretty, it is very impractical.

Overall I don't like this primer much...I've been using it a lot simply to try and get rid of it. I hate the mess it makes and it doesn't really prolong the wear foundation or concealer. It does smooth out the skin a lot, but that isn't enough of a reason to buy this, I also don't like the price much as my 17 primer is £5 and I feel does the job much better.
I love all of the other Accessorize products I have (I have some nail polishes, an eyeliner and a baked eyeshadow) but this is just a waste of money for me.

Would I buy again?
No. However it hasn't turned me off Accessorize products in general as I love some of them.

Thank you for reading! Hope you found this review useful :)
Libby x

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