Saturday, 9 March 2013

Pretty Jewellery Storage/Display!

Hello :)
I have something a little different I recently bought something that was just too pretty not to show you!
I had all of my jewellery in boxes before, which was ok, but it meant that it wasn't out on display and so I forgot to ever wear it!
I was looking on Amazon recently for a jewellery tree to display my favourite necklaces/rings/braceletts ect and came across this!

I think this looks so pretty sat on my desk, and because my jewllery is on display, it means I see it a lot more and I've been wearing it more too!
It isn't massively stable so I wouldn't risk overloading it but it still looks so pretty and is a great way to display all the jewellery that I wear most often.

I got this from Amazon ( and it is around £10.

If you're looking for a new way to display your jewellery, I'd definitely recommend you trying this out! :)

Thanks for reading!
Libby x

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