Tuesday, 12 March 2013

*REVIEW* - MUA Liquid Eyeliners

Hello :) I have a review for you this afternoon...

Today I'm reviewing the MUA Liquid Eyeliners, of which I have currently 3 shades.

(from top) Shade 2, Shade 5 and Shade 3
These all currently cost £1 from some of the bigger Superdrug shops that stock MUA. You can now also buy MUA products from their website (http://www.muastore.co.uk/). I don't think you can beat that price even for drugstore products! :)

I will admit this...the packaging isn't that great. However for the £1 price tag you can't complain that much really. The packaging is simply a little pot with a very tall want for all of the shades, but the long handle doesn't screw into the pot very well and it feels quite flimsy. Especially on my black liner (Shade 5) the packaging feels quite delicate and that I feel it may break at some point because the brush doesn't screw too well into the pot.
The sizes of the brushes of these tend to vary slightly in these liners...

For the black liner (Shade 5) and the electric blue shade (Shade 2) the brush is fairly thin, stiff and quite small, however for the bronze shade that I have (Shade 3) the brush seems to be actually like a sponge, and it is quite a bit larger:

I'm not 100% sure why the brushes vary, but it does mean that you can't get such a thin, precise line with this shade but that's not too much of a problem.

Swatches from top: Shade 2, Shade 5, Shade 3.

Shade 2 is a bright, electric blue that adds such a fun pop of colour. This is one of the most unique liners I have at the moment :)
Shade 5 is your everyday standard black liner, it's a nice deep black with no shimmer.
Shade 3 is also pretty unique, ad is a mid-toned bronze with shimmer. With the different brush tends to apply a bit too much product sometimes (although the swatch above was a bit of bad luck) but if you go back over it , the colour blends out and doesn't appear as thick as it does in the swatch above.

All of these shades are nicely pigmented and I have no complaints about the colour payoff :)

These generally last quite well on the lid providing you leave them alone...I find that if at any point during the day I rub my eyes slightly the liner crackles and does come off a bit...and also if they get wet they crackle too. They are easy to remove however, and for a normal day I don't have problems with them fading, but like I said they can crack and fall off in little bits if you don't leave them alone.

Generally for the price, these liners are pretty amazing! You can't get much more of a budget price for makeup than £1, and for everyday use these are very good. There are quite a few more colours that I'm interested in picking up, as the price means you can pick up a few at a time ;)

Would I buy again?
Yes, definitely.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed my review!
Libby x

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