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*REVIEW* Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation

Hi! :)

I have a foundation review for you today. I purchased the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse as one of my first foundations years back...and I recently repurchased it to see how good it was now that I've broadened my knowledge of all things make up! :)

This cost around £7.99 and you can get Maybelline in Superdrug, Boots and some supermarkets :)
My shade is 010 Ivory which is a pretty good match but a tad dark. It's fine if I blend it well but if I pile too much on one area it shows as being a little bit too dark.
I wonder if they've redone all their shades/shade names because when I used to buy this I used to be in the shade 020 Cameo...which was lighter than this shade which is 010.
I don't know! Overall there is  good colour range though so it's fairly easy to find a shade that will match your skin tone. According to the website there are 14 shades overall and you get 18ml of it.
I've had this for a few weeks now and as you can tell I've used quite a bit of it! :)
  • The texture is unlike any other foundation I own. I remember this being one of the reasons I used to like it and I'm pleased that it's still got that nice texture. This is a mousse but it feels really creamy and smooth to touch... It feels like pearls...but in mousse form. :)
  • The colour match is pretty good for my skin
  • This blends into the skin really well. I use a flat foundation brush for this and then if I need to, the E.L.F stipple brush to blend it in but usually I don't need to.
  • The coverage is pretty good! I'd say it was medium coverage. It covers redness really well!
    The finish is matte. I have dry skin and I don't need to put on any powder on after this. The fact that it gives a matte finish makes it so useful and convenient especially if you're in a rush as I don't need to apply anything else other than this.
  • Being a drugstore product, it's available easily and only costs £7.99.
  • You get a decent amount in here which means you won't run out easily.
  • The packaging is really sturdy, with a plastic lid and glass jaw which is heavy and makes you feel like you're getting a good deal for your money.
  • If you have dry skin (like me) this can cling to patches of dryness and emphasize them a lot...I'd recommend that you make sure your skin isn't too dry before using this!
  • If you apply too much of this it will look cakey and powdery...I think you need to use it a few times to get the right amount so that you learn not to over apply.
  • The staying power isn't great on this. That is to be expected seeing as it's not a liquid foundation topped with powder. The staying power isn't appalling, but sometimes I've put my hand to my face accidentally and its come away with the foundation on it quite easily.
  • Some may feel the packaging bulky and it isn't really easy to store because its round.
  • The formula dries out quite quickly meaning the texture isn't as much of a mousse and turns to a strange kind of powder.
Oveall, I do really like this foundation! In my opinion the pros outweigh the cons.
I think this foundation is definitely worth trying out as long as you can make sure that you will commit to it because you need to use it before it starts to dry out. The texture is great for a few weeks but then after that it will turn dry and powdery.
If its going to be a product that you use every day then its worth it!
The coverage it gives the skin is really good and I love the finish. It's matte, but not flat or powdery as I can still see my skin just peeking through because it's not as heavy as a liquid foundation.
I'd recommend trying this out! :) Or at least going along to a shop and having a look at the testers because seriously...I love the texture of this. :)
Thank you for reading my review! Have you tried this foundation?
Libby x

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