Wednesday, 28 August 2013

*REVIEW* Rimmel London Match Perfection 2-in-1 Concealer + Highlighter

Today I have a review for one of my favourite concealers ever...the Rimmel London Match Perfection 2-in-1 Concealer + Highlighter...that name is a bit of a mouthful!
This is one of those concealers that is one that I keep coming back to again and again...I recently purchased this for the 3rd time.
I seem to remember the price of this previously being £5 but it appears to have gone up to £5.99...maybe it was always that price and I'm just not observant, either way it's not an expensive product at all!
My shade is in 010 Ivory.
This claims to "banish signs of fatigue and illuminate the eye area. With an oxygen complex. Lets skin breathe."
Is it just me or does that sound like it's been badly translated from another language? ;)
Aside from their slightly questionable use of sentence structure and grammar ( inner English critic is taking over) I have to say I feel that I believe that this product lives up to it's claims.
This comes with a little brush at the end and you have to squeeze it to get the right amount of product out. Sometimes you get air bubbles which cause it to spurt out suddenly but for the majority of the time it works out fine.
I think it needs to be said that this isn't going to be your incredible high coverage concealer. As a general rule of thumb liquid concealers do not tend to have amazing coverage.
The coverage for this is decent though and sometimes I do just use this under my eyes (I have really bad under eye veins).
It doesn't cover up the veins properly like a high coverage concealer would, but provided the circles aren't too dark (assuning I've actually managed to sleep the night before) it generally does a good enough job and I feel fine leaving the house with just this on.
The texture is fairly thin which makes it very light and comfortable to wear in the sense that it doesn't feel like I have a massive layer of cakey concealer under my eyes.
I do believe this does let my skin "breathe" and I use it on days when I want to wear lighter makeup.
The other use I have for this is for touch ups.
If my under eye circles are bad or I just want more coverage I'll use a high coverage concealer and then throughout the day I use this as the perfect touch up product. It's light, it's illuminating and just creates a really crisp "clean" under eye area and brightens it up. I love using this also to clean up any fall out that I've had.
So generally all in all I do love this product and I've mentioned it a few times already in various other posts and I can't believe I haven't reviewed it properly until now!
It's light for a minimal makeup day and it works great as a touch up highlighter too.
Have you tried this product yet?
Thank you so much for reading!
Libby x

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